No Joke

by Rowan

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released August 19, 2016

Tracked and mixed by Shawn O'Donnell
Mastered by Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


Rowan State College, Pennsylvania

Rock band out of State College, Pennsylvania.

Bryan Moriarty - Guitar/vocals

Miles Wistar -

Brenton Nicholas- Bass

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Track Name: 41
Simmer down, you're running wild
Lost in your hope, in denial
of what you see

Summer sun is slowly rising
Lack of sleep is compromising
My sanity

Summer loves a dime a dozen
Forget about your brothers and cousins
You're not the only one

I thought this was a one time thing
I hope my words don't sting
But I'm never going back on 41

Far away from here
Everything seems much more clear
Until I find those things I seek
I won't let you fall in love with me
But I guess you will anyway
Track Name: Benched
Forget the memories that you want me to keep
Falling out is something I do in my sleep
Guess I'll always just be a negative creep
Tonight we lay this to rest

Call it appropriation
No communication

Creativity doesn't come cheap
Bitching about it doesn't make you deep
Maybe I don't have the heart, maybe I don't have the skill
But I sure as hell won't steal just for someone else's thrill

Call it appropriation
No communication

Your voice was shaking
(You were faking)
Hands were trembling
(We're not taking)
Were you sad cause you got caught
Or was it cause you lost control
(You were faking)
We're not taking

Call it appropriation
No communication
Track Name: State
Summer brings sadness back again
Your bed springs, I'm in the sack again
You know I tried, they lied, you died so why
Do we hate the things we love the most

Don't try to take me home
I want to be alone

And I'll forget
All those things that she said
All the memories
And the melodies

I'm all ears, tell me what to say
Open my eyes and show me the way
To live a simple life in this town
Away from all the shit that brings me down

Don't try to take me home
I want to be alone

We were waiting for
A chance to go home
Without reason or
A place to call my own

We were waiting for
A future safe from lies
No chance to be torn
Cause life still goes on